North Harrow Waltonians Angling Society

Access to Swims at Springwell

As you will be aware our current rule of not allowing access with tackle past the pumping station on the east bank of Springwell is largely an inherited system that was in place before the public were granted access. For (more…)

Closed Season on Springwell Lake

Because of the amount of time Full Members ‘lost’ at the commencement of the 2014/15 season due to the algal blooms and fish mortalities we have reached agreement with Affinity for this coming closed season which is, in effect, not to have one. As a (more…)

Crayfish Trapping

We are about to embark on an ongoing trapping effort on both the river Colne and Springwell lake. If you wish to fish a swim where a trap is placed you may pull it tight into the margin so it (more…)

28/12/2014 River work party

Over the Christmas break, we are organizing an unscheduled work party. 28th December starting at 8.30am. This is because urgent work is needed on the river. If you would like to help out or can spare 4 or 5 hours (more…)