North Harrow Waltonians Angling Society

Springwell Lake Update 19/7/14

Dear Member You will obviously be well aware of the difficulties we have experienced at Springwell in recent times with regard to Mortalities and Algal Blooms etc Let us first bring you right up to date with the position: All (more…)

Springwell Lake Update 10/7/14

Dear Member We have today received the various virology and other test reports from CEFAS who have confirmed that Springwell Lake is both CEV and KHV negative. That is obviously great news. CEFAS are however undertaking tests for SVC. While (more…)

Possibly Springwell Lake’s first double

This is the earliest photographic record we have of a large carp being introduced to Springwell Lake This fish was stocked at 12lbs 8oz, in June 1956 having been caught in Hampshire and driven up to Rickmansworth and released into (more…)

Springwell Lake Update 04/07/14

Dear members Unfortunately there is not a lot of news but we thought we should keep you posted as far as possible. We have not yet received any further information from CEFAS and virology reports have not yet been received. (more…)


On Thursday evening 3rd July 2014 crayfish traps will be set along the entire length of the river Colne upstream of the weir. Disturbance to anglers should be minimal but please be aware so that your enjoyment is not spoilt. (more…)