North Harrow Waltonians Angling Society

48hr Pairs Match

10 pairs fished in this year’s 48hr carp match which was held between 1st and 3rd May. A total of 12 carp were caught with the biggest being a 33lb 9oz common. Results were as follows: 1st Larry Miller & (more…)

Power Pack Found

A portable power pack with USB lead has been found at Springwell. If it is yours, please call 07902 809354 to arrange collection. An accurate description of the item will be required. (more…)

Springwell Carp Stocking 10th Dec 16

On Saturday 10th December the club received 50 C3 carp from VS Fisheries which were stocked into Springwell Lake. These were mostly made up of the “Harrow” strain, but also included some scalier carp as well as four commons. All (more…)

Membership Cards *PLEASE READ*

Recently the club has taken Paul Smith back on as a part time bailiff for Springwell Lake. Some people who have been a member of NHWAS for a number of years may remember Paul when he used to be a (more…)

Members Photos

Dear members, As you may be aware, NHWAS has provided an extensive stocking program for Springwell lake over the past 4 years. It is in the best interest of the club to see how these carp are getting on and (more…)