North Harrow Waltonians Angling Society

Springwell Carp Stocking 10th Dec 16

On Saturday 10th December the club received 50 C3 carp from VS Fisheries which were stocked into Springwell Lake. These were mostly made up of the “Harrow” strain, but also included some scalier carp as well as four commons. All (more…)

Springwell Stocking 2015 / 2016

We introduced 20 fish from Dinton Pastures at the end of 2015. Pictures to follow once Mark has worked out how to download them… We have 50 fish ordered from VS fisheries for delivery in the Autumn of 2016. At (more…)

River Colne – River Fly Monitoring

This forms part of the Feb ’14 Newsletter and AGM Notice documents: It is not just stock and habitat enhancement that has been the focus of our attention for the river. I recently attended the fiver fly monitoring course arranged (more…)

Stocking 2013 and future program- River Colne

This forms part of the Feb ’14 Newsletter and AGM Notice documents: What has happened on the Colne I hear the river members asking. Well, as reported previously, we had two introductions of stock last year courtesy of the EA. (more…)

2013 February Stocking

A further 20, mainly double figure, fish were stocked in February 2013. Please help us track progress of all fish by submitting your catch photos / weights to Chris. Photos below, click on album to view. To see a larger (more…)

2012 November Stocking

A total of 70 fish have been introduced in November. 50 of these were the fish bred from our own male by VS Fisheries. They are fantastic looking fish and some are already well in excess of 5lbs in weight. (more…)